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The Rako Group

Welcome at The Rako Group, where service is still very important!

We are very proud of the fact that we can deliver our service to our clients for decades already

Our quality and service is highly appreciated by our clients


For over 20 years already The Rako Group is your loyal partner for all your lightning and energy projects.


We at The Rako Group travel the world all the time to search for the newest products so we can serve you better!

The Rako group is a leading company in the Benelux area with new and green lightning and energy projects.


  • Customer satisfaction percentage 90%
  • Your loyal lightning and energy partner 100%
  • Innovation and renewal 95%

A selection of some of our completed projects: Will you be our next satisfied client?


30 years of experience

Over 879 satisfied clients


One hundred percent RAKO!

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