Groupe Leblanc® creates yearly beautiful lighting in more than 7,500 cities.

Groupe Leblanc® has 11 subsidiaries and sales offices worldwide (including Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Morocco, etc.).
The “French designs»  of the Groupe Leblanc® brand has an international appearance in Monaco, The Caribbean, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Singapore, Mauritania and the Indian Ocean.

Groupe Leblanc® works for you with te following four criteria:
– You benefit from our experience in creating your design.
– Creating emotion through our design and our lighting with a magical touch.
– making secure that we only create quality products and services.
– Collaborating Human and environmental ethics.
Groupe Leblanc® has a leading position in the design and manufacturing of decorative lighting for shoppingmalls, and recreation areas.
Groupe Leblanc® offers a complete and innovative range of decorative lighting.
Groupe Leblanc® has its own network installation, making the assembly, disassembly and  even storage (if desired), can also be arranged by us.
Groupe Leblanc The Netherlands® is affiliated with the UNETO-VNI and is a qualified electrician.

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